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About my framing - THIEF FROM SCP

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About my framing - THIEF FROM SCP

Odoslať pre Anonymný za Ut október 06, 2009 4:43 pm

The Peoples Voice

Paulie Walnuts

About my framing

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http, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YBPFvp750sc&feature=related

OK, I'm Mannimarco. That I admit, I told Mr.Skin that at the start, when I arrived in Slovakia.

Now, alright, noww that we have that down to business, i think it's time to move onto the situation at hand, comrades.

Mr.Skin has framed me, saying I robbed the communes. He says I asked
ludovit for the password to the Australian Communes, he gave it to me,
and then i robbed the Slovakian Communes.

This makes no sense whatsoever. Mostly because,

1. How would I access the SSP communes if I only had the Australian password.

2. Why would ludovit have the password, and why would he give it to me?
The election wasn't won yet, and as Minister oWelfare, I don't see what
reasons I could have been in there.

There are a number of things thatm ake it impossible for me to have
done what Mr.Skin has alledged, but due to the fact that in the past
I've ruffled the feathers of a few prominent socialists, and they quite
hate me, they've leapt at the oppurtunity to get rid of me.

They are quite fanatical, and I've recieved death threats over MSN from
an unknown source. Personally, despite the lack of evidence presented
that it would be me, and the fact that it would be impossible for me to
have done this. People will believe I did it.

Because if they don't their careers with be harmed, due to the upper
Socialists wanting to get rid of me, and the fact that they'll probably
want to do what they are told, rather then look at the facts in the
sensible manner.

To be honest, I don't know what I'll do now. Mr.Skin and his lackies
have all the power, and I have been executed without trial, judge or
jury. There will be no chance for the proper evidence to come to light.

I apoligise if my actions(such as pretending to rob the bank of
Ireland) have harmed the socialist cause in anyway, but I was acting
with the best intentions at heart sometimes, and for more times my own
personal amusement, if you'd forgive me playing a game to have fun.

I'll probably wait for a while, and see what happens before I do
anything. Maybe people will come to their senses, maybe a new piece of
undeniable ebidence will come out that will simply render the class
traitors arguements null. We'll see.

No matter what happens, I'd advice you keep an open mind, keep an open
eye on Mr.Skin and his lackies, and try to think for yourself.

If you want to chat about these turn of events, don't hesitate to PM
me. Even though I've already got a migraine from this situation

Mannimarco/Paulie Walnuts
The Socialist Squirrel
Sdílej to

Oznam porušení pravidel

Running for SSP President


JohnSmith 2K9 19 hours ago

you stole the irish tersury too. manni


Paulie Walnuts 18 hours ago

I pretended to steal it. I didn't actually , /


Pip Kelly 18 hours ago

Welcome back but remember to stay the hell out of Ireland.


Maksim Chuikov 18 hours ago

You stole the Irish treasury, you stole the Australian communes!

There is no other way for counter-revolutionaries except throw them
against the wall in a nice line with a few guys equipped with firearms.

Enemies of the people, Celio Azevedeo and Mannimarco.


The One Globe Project 18 hours ago

Does this not mean you are multi-ing? Mannimarco and Paulie Walnuts...


Paulie Walnuts 18 hours ago

people *cough* TG *cough* *Cough* garrett *cough* hacked my Mannimarco
accounts, and POaulie Walnuts belonged to a friend who was quitting


Paulie Walnuts 18 hours ago

"You stole the Irish treasury"

Brian Boru stole the Irish Treasury, i just helped him.

"you stole the Australian communes!"




Rumpil 18 hours ago

ok, tak to je fakt huste, fakt huste... nestacim sa divit :-D :-D Ako toto ze sa deje u komunistov to fakt nepochopim...

This is .... hard to translate, but I am just looking and "saint is my bottom" / very funny and unbelievable...

This news I like very much :-), I will read all comments, this must be fun.. Good job all, Skin, Mannimarco/PW and ludovit8


Dr.Skin 17 hours ago

said that you ruined the australian commune, not the slovakian and
ludovit8 had the password and you asked for his help to ruin the
commune. I told you many times, as many times as you asked but you
didn´t seem to understand it anyway because of what I´ve read in this


Ludovit8 16 hours ago

http, http://sklad.obrazku.cz/obr200902_pw4.jp[..].jpg

first PM

You want bribe me by 30gold for that password but you know that I said
NO! So, why you think that I will not post here private PM even if it
is broke of law ! Yes, I was dumb, I just think that you want help...


Nathan47 16 hours ago

Mannimarco is Paulie Walnuts? And he robbed communes? Wow, this is really interesting. How much he stole?


Paulie Walnuts 16 hours ago

That's a pretty bad photoshop. I can't see an "od" at a corner of the
screen, and the font used in the message is out of place as well as the
defualt font for photoshop. High five! o/


Paulie Walnuts 16 hours ago

Also, the message contains your trademark broken english. Nice try.



Rumpil 16 hours ago

"od" "smazat" and other czech words is just by


:-D :-D :-D , -D

Mannimarco.. I know now exactly who is thief , -D. YOU !


smrtan 16 hours ago

Wow! Flamewar (class-flameware? Razz) inside the "Party", LOL!

@Mannimarco, welcomeback. I remember you from the eslovakia forum Chat,
you was this 15 yr old kid who told me that become communsit after
reading Marx and Engels, right? Very Happy

@Ludovit8: you just deserved a ban. Not for the thing you did or
didn't. But you should know that quoting private messages *without
permission* is not allowed. Well... 2 commies banned because of one
article. Brilliant news for eSlovakia! , )



Rumpil 16 hours ago

but this topic is really good, i do not know where is problem... but this is the best reading I saw here ever :-)


Edana Savage 16 hours ago

Rat. Sooooooo making trouble somewhere else I see. I have a pair of
scissors and I ain't afraid to use them. Better make sure your walnuts
are put away safe and sound. Because if you put one little furry toe
onto Irish soil again, I will personally make sure you go away as a
WoManni. Wink

Buh Bye!


Ludovit8 16 hours ago

I said what I need to say, ban is not imporant!

and PM is right, ask CZ-Zidane, he can have EREP PLUS CZ too.


GarrettDA 15 hours ago

, o

Welcome back? PM me manni.


Dr.Skin 14 hours ago

stole 120 gold. Now he wants to deny this. Besides I have no friends in
Australia. We had the discussion in the forum about moving and you were
the only one who said that we shouldn´t move.
You can´t expect that your lonely voice is better then 10 gathered voices.

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