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LordSlowpoke - The Korean Revolutionary

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LordSlowpoke - The Korean Revolutionary

Odoslať pre Andrejko za Št júl 30, 2009 4:27 pm

The Korean Revolutionary

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Closer as ever...
16 comments yesterday

Ever since Soviet Russia, we are the closest to create a communist
state all the men in the eWorld were. Why is that? Because we are many,
we are the people who speak of true Communist ideals as a perfection
that Lenin and Marx themselves speak of, as a perfection as close to
the IRL ideal as this game could allow us.
This is all, I seem not to have inspiration to continue. But heed my words - we're as close as nobody ever been since the wars.

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Kathina 20 hours ago
up, subscribed & voted


Andrejko 20 hours ago
Oh, my god,
you think that you know about you speak?
You speak about judeobolshevizm and not about socialism, because
socialism is a christian idea and Lenin/Marx ONLY misused that idea and
adopted it with judaism, rasism, idea of exceptionality and genocide.

Compagno 19 hours ago

gutinho 19 hours ago
Andrejko.. easy man..

Let then talk.. do not lost your mind because of that.


It is not worthy

Andrejko 19 hours ago
they think that jewish (oh, do you not understand the term above - I
think that it would be better jewishbolshevism) are exceptional and the
others are ONLY gojim?
Or other why?

Andrejko 19 hours ago
I am not angry. I wish only to clear that. I read that this is a social
game. I have not noticed nothing social in this game, and therefore I
will try to be a bit social and something explain.

Andrejko 19 hours ago
And as I wrote socialist ideas roots in christianity and have NOTHING to do with ateism or judaism.

The communist eSlovaks maybe do NOT know that socialist governments are in most European (not only) countries.

AND therefore I prefer NOT to use these words as socialism, communism, because they do NOT have their real meaning.

Andrejko 19 hours ago
Soviet Russia was after the World War overtaken through jewish
expedicionary forces - which utilised the riotin against the war into
rioting against the car/king and from this was born a civil war and in
this time came a german expedicionary force with Lenin and overthrown
the transition government in Petrograd and so on.

BotherMe 18 hours ago
Anderjko, I never thought I'd see nazis here.

Voted this article!

Andrejko 17 hours ago
like me. I hope you are NOT the only one - except me - which know that nacism is an abbreviation of national socialism.

BotherMe 17 hours ago
am not a nazi, I'm sorry if I led you to believe that.
Nationalsozialismus is just a propaganda name... There's nothing
socialist about it whatsoever.


Andrejko 14 hours ago
what do you know about socialism, but really?
Do you know what Arbeiterpartei mean, or NSDAP National Socialistische
Deutsche Partei? Do you know something about real meaning of socialism?
Do you know something about propaganda? Really?

You know nothing (thats my opinion).
In Germany was socialism and in Russia too. And there was an attempt to
establish more red/jewish ruled republics in Europe and more only red,
Russia and Germany signed a treaty, but the jewish generals and party bosses in Russia prepared war.
Stalin was not able to act against these preparations - he executed
most all jewish army generals, but the treaty/belief between the
biggest socialist countries was broken.
The jewish world organisations declared war against Germany and Germany attacked Russia.

Germany was looser and therefore its goverment was declared as criminals. Germany made an autonomy territory for jews in Poland.
Russia was the winner and therefore Stalin was declared as criminal
only after his death. Russia made an autonomy for jews in Asia around

Beside that it was a war between orthodox and christianity close jews spiced with sionists attempts.

You must differ between socialism and socialism, real or jewish, or better not to use a word socialism/communism.
And read http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/the-[..]/1/20 where you justify that workers works for their nation (see above national socialism).

And do you fear say jew or what? Was Lenin jew, Marx, Engels, which person in soviet Russias government was NOT jew?

The real communes in America were exterminated for example because there were NOT jews controlled.
And the communes exist in reality in Izrael, but they live there not in
harmony with all jews, but thats something about religion and the
existence of jewish state in harmony with it.

OogieBoogie3 14 hours ago
WTF are you guys arguing about? Slowpoke didn't say anything about racism or religion...

Andrejko 5 hours ago
spoke about soviet Russia, and he spokes about Marx, Lenin (jewish)
socialism. And that is spoking about rascism, religion and so on.
Because the jewish socialism is NOT true socialism. It is a kind of
mutation which serves for purposes against other faiths and for only
one class, but that class are not workers.

Or in other words:
Do you understand the difference between socialism in France, Great
Britain, Germany, Spain, Korea, Cuba, Venezuela, former Yugoslavia, or
Why do you think that socialism in for example Spain is NOT fighted, but in Cuba yes?

LordSlowpoke 1 hours ago
@Andrejko: Reported for racism against Jews.

Andrejko one minute ago
like this last notice very. I THANKS YOU for that. I copy this
discussion for archive purposes and I will SHOW all WHAT is racism
against jews.


But maybe can you show to comrades WHAT is RACISM against jews.
The word jew is rasicm or what?
The typical inteligence of socialist/communist like you.

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