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BotherMe - The Socialist

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BotherMe - The Socialist

Odoslať pre Andrejko za Št júl 30, 2009 4:39 pm

The Socialist
The Socialist Alternative
24 comments yesterday

Capitalism today

Most eCountries live under the capitalist economic system. In short, it
means private capitalists own enterprises and take a part of the value
of their workers labour. This gives them profit, and profit gives them
power to decide what the society should focus on. They decide whether
the money should go to investments, higher salaries or just right into
their pockets. In other words, the capitalists have power.

Workers on the other hand, have nothing to offer but their labour. If
they don't go to work, they starve, reach a wellness of 0, and die. The
workers have to work and the capitalists provide work, which makes them
even more powerful, as they control both wages and salaries. Capitalists and workers have opposite interests.

The socialist alternative

The Communist Parties of the world recognizes this inner conflict in
the capitalist system, and we have a solution. It's called economic
democracy. Workers have an interest in democracy.
Economic democracy enables the workers to elect the manager they think
would do the best job. The Communist Party of Slovakia supports this
idea and will continue to do so.

Another very important part of our policies is the planned economy.
Capitalists care only about profits. They don't have the good of the
whole society before their eyes when they plan future actions. With a
planned economy, the state can transfer money from a profitable
industry, like food, to a less profitable one, like the hospital
industry. Hospitals, defence systems and houses take a lot of labour
force to produce, and aren't a very good way for capitalists to make

My ideas, and indeed the ideas of the Communist Party are therefore to create a planned economy and democratise it

Slovakian Communist Party

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Andrejko 17 hours ago
Oh, my god, why do you think so?

"Capitalists and workers have opposite interests."
Such stupidity. Workers have the same interests as capitalists -own profit.

"Workers have an interest in democracy."
Such stupidity. They do NOT know the real meaning of the word
democracy, because democracy do NOT mean that the quantity decides, but
that the decision can be reached only between the responsibles - that
the quality decides.

Real socialism means that everyone can work alone and give a part of
his own profit to the commune, but NOT working in a company owned by

BotherMe 17 hours ago
believe that the common people are intelligent enough to run their own
business. And of course workers and capitalists have opposite
interests, think about it. If wages go up, profit goes down and vice

Josh Mahurin 16 hours ago
you aren't making a very good argument at all. You sound like a
capitalist. The worker is stupid. He doesn't know anything about
democracy. Him and the guy making money off his labor have the same
interests. Doesn't add up.
Sure the worker wants profit but he also cares about his country. Also
he ISN'T making the profit he deserves. If I produce 20 units of grain
when I work do you really think I am getting paid what those would sell
for? No of course not because then the "boss" wouldn't make any money
yet is he making the resources? Nope.

And like I mentioned above about workers caring about their country,
capitalist company owners ONLY care about profit, they make companies
around the globe, they out compete local companies and steal workers in
regions that have too many companies already and not enough workers.
They cut each others throats and don't care if they destroy the
economies of whole countries.

With a planned economy companies are made to work together so that what
is needed is produced and there are just enough companies to give jobs
to every worker. Since they are government owned the profits benefit
the country which in erepublik is basically the exact same thing as the

Andrejko 16 hours ago
maybe it is a high mathematics for you:
capitalist is a person,
worker is a person,
You assume that both catch from the same cookie, yes?
If the capitalist has the bigger part of a cookie, then the worker has the smaller part of the cookie, right?
Can you follow this?
And now maybe it is too hard for you, but please try to follow it.
If the worker has the bigger part of a cookie, then the capitalist has the smaller part of the cookie, right?

Why to you think that you can decide which person should have the bigger part of a cookie?
I say that the quality decide not you.

But it follows a miracle, because you say that
"common people are intelligent enough to run their own business", (like they have a quality to run it) but for me sound this as
common people are intelligent enough to be capitalists.

BotherMe 16 hours ago
they're not educated enough to run the company themselves, but they're
intelligent enough to vote for the one with the best ability to lead
the company (and that might indeed be the previous capitalist, if the
workers want that). The fact that the manager of the company can be
removed forces the manager to make decisions that benefit the country
and the workers.

And by the way, I don't think capitalists should get any cookie at all.

Andrejko 16 hours ago
Josh Mahurin,

of course if you are stupid enough and cannot be like BotherMe says
"common people are intelligent enough to run their own business" and
you cannot be a capitalist, then you must say such mist, like one
person works for the country and other person works for yourself. And
Lenin know that the person which work for my country is sionist - you
says - is socialist.

Please do NOT make such mistake - the globalisation/liberalism/ateism/sionism is not capitalism.

Capitalism is a brother of socialism - both these ideologies are
product of proletariat/workers. NONE of them could exist without
proletariat/industry workers. Lenin knows that, marx knows that, Engels
knows that and you do NOT know that?

Compagno 16 hours ago
differentation between capitalists and workers is that workers have a
class consciousness,so workers think under a class point view,for the
welness of all the workers.

Capitalists unit their opinion,their forces only when their power is under attack.

Andrejko 16 hours ago
you have a mishmash in your head.
Please can you explain why do you think that worker which owns his own bussiness is not capitalist?

And I expect that you think that it exists only manual work and nothing others, RIGHT?

BotherMe 16 hours ago
a capitalist is a person who lives off other people's labour. As soon
as the workers own their companies together, the capitalist class is
eliminated. Capitalist and factory manager is not the same thing. A
manager has power over the production, a capitalist owns the means of

Compagno, The capitalists do have class consciousness, be sure of that...

Andrejko 16 hours ago
other stupidity like this.
Workers are a class, yes?
Capitalists are a class, yes?
Workers are such inteligent class that they works for benefit the
workers class, but so stupid that they cannot have own bussines, right?
Capitalist are so stupid that they cannot work for the benefit of its
class, but such inteligent that they can run own bussiness, right?

You have NOT read the JEWISH Capital and know NOTHING about Lenin, Marx, Engels.

Andrejko 16 hours ago
do you read after you write?
Like such sentence:
"As soon as the workers own their companies together, the capitalist class is eliminated"
sound like
As soon as the workers own their companies together, tey form a new capitalist class and eliminates the rot capitalists.

Andrejko 16 hours ago
copy this disscussion to http://eslovensko.forumotion.net/
it is better suited for such discussions. If you do so, I am prepared
disscuss on this. All parties from eSlovakia have there his own group
and can make own bussiness like you say.

Rumpil 16 hours ago
fairytales :-D

Everybody wants profit (in RL and in eRep), so everybody is finding
place, where can obtain some profit.... so everybody must find such a
place, where is economy bad now... and in that place (as Slovakia) he
can made profit... but need just one.. low taxes and low import taxes
(Slovakia has a few middle resources).

So if everybody want profit... everybody must find a place, where is
not tough market... at the Slovakia they can earn money, because there
is low taxes, low import taxes and low costs of labour.

So who can help SLovakia... My answer is that must free market and ambition of everyman earn more money :-).

But this is description of capitalism..not socialism or communism :-)
Write me here your theory :-) What will people really do.
If communism would be at the Slovakia, most of inhabitatns will emigrate..who will work then here :-D ???

Andrejko 16 hours ago
you have really NOT read the jewish Capital, right?
The capitalists own capital and the workers own capital, too. But one capital is bigger and the other smaller.

Naposledy upravil Andrejko dňa Št júl 30, 2009 4:55 pm, celkom upravené 1 krát.

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BotherMe - The Socialist - pokračovanie

Odoslať pre Andrejko za Št júl 30, 2009 4:40 pm

BotherMe 16 hours ago
capitalists own capital, workers own labour force. That is the
distinction. I don't care what you call the new class that emerges, as
long as everybody is in it.

I have no need to discuss this with somebody who clearly hasn't
understood marxism and just blame everybody who understands it for
being jewish, which isn't even an intelligent accusation.

Rumpil 16 hours ago
yes, after 2 days this article will vanish :-D so we will not be able to discuss this fairytales :-)

copy this disscussion to http, http://eslovensko.forumotion.net/

Rumpil 16 hours ago
A lot of us hates our boss and capitalists....

but just our boss and capitalists give us work and money :-)

good night

BotherMe 16 hours ago
you give your capitalist money, not the other way around. You produce
things, things that he sells for more than your wage.

Compagno 15 hours ago
andrejko: a moment,you came me to make marxism lesson? asd

obviusly capitalist have a class consciousness,but the principal intent
of class consciousness of capitalist is control the proletariat for
avoid that workers take the power.

p.s. in this Marx do a mistake. Capitalist create the weapon that will
destroy them (proletariat),how tell Marx,but they keep under control
the proletariat with many sistem,for keep their power.
The Capital isn't Bible for me,also that has mistakes Smile

p.p.s. take it easy Wink
and attention at the words.

Andrejko 14 hours ago
yes, I take it easy,
but most of your comrades not.
And at least, yes, i apologize for unapropriate formulations which could harm you.

And why do you think that I cannot give you a marx-leninism lessons? (whats the meaning of "asd" after the first question?

These words was written ONLY because I feel a need to apologize hard words - discussion can follow only at forum.

Compagno 14 hours ago
i'm new slovakian citizen,i don't know all my comrades,but those that i have knowed are very nice (for me) Very Happy

so...i accepted apologies,but i don't like to take lessons to marxism from who isn't marxism Smile
discussion is acceptable,but lessons...not.

p.s. "asd" is a expression used on forum-online for express irony

Thandros Holding Corporation 10 hours ago
all completely missing the point. 90+% of companies are owned through
an Organisation (like this one). Orgs cannot vote. Let me repeat that
again since repetition is the flavour here, orgs cannot vote.

The government can make a significant impact on the economy through
purchasing goods and being a very large consumer. Things like weapons
and gifts are common purchases, but hospitals and defence systems
should also be included here.

The government can also make a significant impact by owning and
operating companies. If they are run for little or no profit there is a
perceived benefit to the people through lower prices. People can only
afford to buy so much though, since their wage is limited. If the wage
isn't limited, the cost of production goes up, increasing the sale
price. This means a person still can't afford to buy anything.

The real problem with government owned companies is who controls the
Organisations. Governments can (and do) change, meaning a change in who
SHOULD control the Org. If the loser is unwilling (or even unable if
they go to the real-world hospital, have a car accident etc) to give up
their power (the login/pw for the Org) then the system falls apart.
Private Orgs are run by the people that own them. There is no
requirement to transfer power unless you "sell" the Org, which is
easily covered by a contract.

Ninyel Andrievna Cedorov 1 hours ago
the Capitalist pig Andrejko - Get lost. Botherme didn't write this to
convince reactionary, right-wing nutcases that equality, democracy and
human need are things to be treasured.

Also, voted. Didn't truely go into the scourge of humanity that
real-life Capitalism is, nor address the issue of Stalinism, but still
an excellent, articulate article.

Andrejko 11 minutes ago
One notice - please do not consider it as a tribute to this disccusion, but ... - I say that for that is http://eslovensko.forumotion.net/ .
Such blind stupidity like showing by Ninyel Andrievna Cedorov is hard to find.
But maybe Ninyel Andrievna Cedorov can show to comrades where and in which words I defended capitalism.

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Re: BotherMe - The Socialist

Odoslať pre Anonymný za Št júl 30, 2009 9:07 pm

My opinion for this great forum ;-)

Two things:

1. If the power would not be in hands of individualists (one person, boss, capitalists :-D) but in group of workers, this system will never get such high productivity as capitalist system. If everyone can get more from "system" just because: he works more, he wants to make his own business or he is be better hardworker
in that case a lot of people will try to do it. They will have bigger and bigger productivity because they want MORE and MORE!
In erep... people, who work for low salaries try to look around, find better companies... better countries and later they want to have their own bizniss, because in erep and even in RLthey want to be better then the others.

If power would be in hands in group of people... most of them would wait that this group will do something for them... most of them would work just as average worker, but they will expect from system that they will live better :-). But we all know, that this is not possible and this has always been problem of communism, in RL too :-). If somebody would do more, the group of people will move to higher level of economy standard but that one hardworker will have the same level as people in the group. So if there would be worse possibility to use his own talent and effort for more profit just for him (as in capitalism) he would stop doing more, system and group of people would do more instead of him :-).

I want to say that we all know that group of people and power in the hands of group and not of individualists will NEVER have so high productivity as in the system based on individual gaining of profit (capitalism)

2. planned economy is bad
Plans are important and we all need them !!!!! But we must use plans to better economical activities and for managing them, control and feedback.

But planning economy and production just for system, for group of people is bad. Every region should produce just that goods, where they can obtain maximal productivity... and from selling this goods (because they did that goods best on the world) they can solve other economy problems.

For example... it is not needed to have all type of industry, or planning amout of producing erep goods... we should just try to use Slovakia comaparive advance (now it is low taxes and low wages :-D) for being the best in something and from large amout of profit which we can obtain from market then we can solve rest of problems :-D

And now, where I am wrong :-D ???
(sorry of my grammar)


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Re: BotherMe - The Socialist

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