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Tutorial to the game

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Tutorial to the game

Odoslať pre Andrejko za Ne august 02, 2009 3:34 pm

To answer your questions about Erepublik it is advisable that you read the guide below... Surely a great part of your doubts will be solved!
Have a good reading!

1. The start in Erepublik
Before start playing you must understand the essence of this game otherwise you will be lost and confused with the style of the game. Do not expect to achieve skills, like super-powers, as in DOTA, or like in games in the style of The Crims, where the person who stays more time on-line generally “wins” the game. This is a MMSOG (Massive Multiplayer Social Online Game) which simulates the real life, in turns of 24 hours. There is neither an “end” nor a “winner” in Erepublik. The game never ends and you can establish your own goals. However, the essence of this game is to become a good citizen! Whether in politics, acting as the President, Congressman(woman) or just like someone who likes to discuss ideas to put them in use… Whether in Economics , working until you gain enough to open your company, acting in the monetary market and having profit out of this… Whether in military, fighting for your country, always searching for a better military rank or even being a mercenary traveling the world, fighting for who offers more… Whether in the press, creating your newspaper and writing news/interviews/articles related to the New World... Or all this at the same time! The possibilities are infinite! In Erepublik you have the freedom to choose which way you want to follow!

2. Level and Experience Points
It is one of the most important subjects, which makes the game more interesting, the struggle to raise your level. Basically, one of the objectives is to make things that give the experience points. When you raise your level new doors are opened for you, like new skills. For example, you can participate of a war when you reach level 5, you can vote when you reach level 6 and you can have a newspaper when you reach level 8.
Experience points can be obtained in the daily activities of the game, like working, training, eating, etc.

3. Find a job and work! Do not sleep on service! ^^
To see the job offers, follow the instructions:
Market > Job Market > Put the skill filter in 0.
Basically, there are 3 sectors of work: Manufacturing, Land and Constrcutions. The higher salaries in the long term are the ones in Manufacturing, while in the short trerm are the ones in Land.
Ah! Remember this: work in companies of low quality (few ore only one star) Oh, one other thing… You will only be able to resign from your job after 72 hours you’ve been hired.
To start working, you can follow the instructions: My Places > Company > Work. After working your skill in the sector will raise. As you are working and your skill raising higher salaries will be offered.

4. Training
To train go to My Places > Army > Train, This will make your strength rise each time you train, what is really important not only for you but for the rest of the country.

5. Wellness and Food Consumption
Wellness is the same thing as other games call HP, Life or Stamina. First you start with 50 wellness and it will be reduced each time you train, work. fight or travel. Receiving/exchanging gifts with other people will give you the wellness according to the quality of the gift (q2 = 2 Wellness, for example). There is also the wellness pack which will give you 10 wellness and can be bought for 2 Golds. (Don’t buy! It isn't worth the money!)
To eat it is enough to have the food in your inventory and it will be automatically consumed during the day change on the server. However if you don’t have a piece of food on your inventory you will loose 4 wellness points! The quality of the food (amount of stars) influences in your wellness gain… the higher the quality the higher is your gain.
When you accumulate some money, buy a house, because it will help you to recover wellness, according to the same rule as the food (the higher the quality of the house, the higher is your gain). Attention! Do not run out of food even if you have a house! Bill Gates may have a thousand of mansions, but he can’t survive without food, right?
To buy food go at My Places > Marketplace > Food and buy a q1 (one satar) food. Your wellness will still be reduced, because you will loose 2 wellness points each day (one for training and, at least, one for working). However, if you continue to work, your skill will rise and the salaries offered in the Job Market will be higher, allowing you to buy a better quality food.

6. Look at your profile
Look at your profile at My Places > Profile. There you will find all the information about yourself. The most important part is the Bio, where all the main information is located… skill, strength, wellness and experience points. Now a tip for you: put an avatar in your profile! ^^ A photo of yourself, a photo of some artist, draw, flag, symbol, something you like. The dimensions are 100x100 and you will receive 2 experience points for the first time you do this. To make this change go at: My Places > Profile > Edit profile and load your avatar.

7. Be part of the politics!
When you reach level 7 you will be able to join a political party. To join one, go at My Places > Party and choose one which best matches your political views and ideals. Every month we have elections, don’t forget to vote for the candidate that you consider more apt to hold the seat or even candidate yourself!
The dates are:
Day 5 – Elections for President
Day 15 – Elections for Party Presidents
Day 25 – Elections for Congress
Do all the items, from 2 to 7, every time you log in the game. Your participation is very important! ^^

8. $$Money$$
There are to main currencies for you: the local currency (SKK) and GOLD, the universal currency. GOLD is the pattern currency in the game, to which all other currencies have parameters (a sort of real life dollar…).
But relax! You received an amount of money from the national treasure of our country, you can see the amount of money on the left corner of your screen: there is a flag and a number at the side of this flag and right under that there is the amount of gold you have. Take care of your initial money, because it will be crucial for your first steps!

9. Read the papers!
It is one of the key points. The news in the game can clarify almost everything that is happening not only in Slovakia but in the whole eWorld; besides, it is a connection between you and the community. Create your own newspaper when you reach level 8 paying 2 gold and publish your own news, interviews and any other thing that involves the game.
Remember, always read both “Top Rated” news and “Latest News”. To read the news just scroll down at the home page.

10. Be part of Slovak community in the game!
Erepublik is a community game, so it is senseless to play it all alone, right?
-Add people as friends
-Send a Private Message to people, getting in touch with them
-Post comments on the newspapers! Show your interest, comment about the article
-Join our forum! http://eslovensko.forumotion.net/forum.htm
There we have sections to solve your doubts, tutorials, guides, debates, presentations, off-topics, congress discussions (and even a secret room to discuss other plans! )
Be sure to post in the registration section to receive proper access to the forum.
- Join our chat! Is there any better way to join a community than being part of a chat with more than 25 people at the same time? Access our chat at: (Note: our only current official chat is on the Forum - on the main page in upper part.
Soon I would like to get us back on IRC into two channels - one Slovak, one English)
-Divulge the game among your friends! You will gain 5 GOLD for each friend who reaches level 6.

11. Medals
At your profile, on the tab Career you will find na section named Achievements, which shows everything you have achieved. Each achievement is equal to one medal, and when you accomplish the requisites for one medal you receive 5 GOLD. Exemples: If you work 30 days in a row, you gain a Hard Worker medal and 5 GOLD.
When you reach a strength level which is multiple of 5 (5, 10, 15…) you will receive a Super Soldier medal, and 5 GOLD. When you are elected congressman you receive a Congress Member medal and 5 GOLD.

12. Waaaaaaaaaar!
It is the favorite feature of the game for most people. War is the key point of Erepublik because the victory is up to us. You receive 2 experience points each time you fight. However to fight you must be at least at level 5 and 40 wellness points. When you have the required level, fight…but fight correctly! Take a look in the media to see the instructions of where to fight!

Important details
You only train and work once per day.
The time in Erepublik is 9 hours advanced in comparison with Slovakia.
Erepublik is a lot more than work and train… Be part of the New World and stabilish your own goals!
If you have any doubts go to our forum and open a topic with your doubt in the appropriate section.


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Re: Tutorial to the game

Odoslať pre Andrejko za Ne august 02, 2009 8:07 pm

Takéto niečo by sme mali napísať do uvítacej pošty pre každého nováčika- samozrejme v slovenčine. V angličtine si to môžu nájsť aj na internete na wiki

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Re: Tutorial to the game

Odoslať pre Anonymný za Ne august 02, 2009 11:14 pm

skôr by som dal link na forum a aj link priamo na help sekciu a do uvítacej pošty len pár milých slov... čosi v tom zmysle už robím....


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Re: Tutorial to the game

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